Logbook Servicing – New Car Warranty

When it comes to our new car log book service, Redline Mechanical Repairs comprehend that it is perfectly genuine to have their warranty inspections and service’s done by a workshop other than the dealership, without voiding their new car warranty. As long as the work is carried out by a qualified mechanic and the parts – if any are required – are OEM Approved (Ryco as example) with the vehicle manufacturer, your warranty ought to stay in place. A Qualified technician will carry out the Logbook Service on your vehicle and stamp your vehicle’s Logbook as required.

We can assure that your new vehicle Logbook Service has been done to all the right specifications when you bring your vehicle to us. We pride ourselves on the high standard of work that we accomplish for our clients, ensuring that their pride and joy is not only safe on the road, but still under that all-important new car warranty. Keep in mind that despite the fact that your car is new, regardless it needs those annual checks to guarantee everything is working perfectly – and obviously, to stay under warranty. Book with us today.

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